Summer 2019

Welcome to AMP’s first blog! There’s so much information out there it can be tough to navigate. We want to help you make those tough decisions. Whether it’s about which colors are the best for your space, which paint do you choose or how to repair that failing deck, we’ll tackle those questions together!

We’re right in the middle of a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer, and we’ve been blessed with mostly dry weather. True, there have been some really cloudy days, but we’ve managed to push through and get our calendar filled and completed with interior and exterior work. It’s been great being able to help our customers spruce up their exteriors by cleaning roofs, repair and restaining decks and general house painting.

Speaking of exterior house painting, spring and summer time is when we dive into outdoor projects. And while it may be the albatross around you neck, this is the opportunity to take care of your house painting needs. Take a step back from the house; is the paint flaking? bubbling? is the wood rotted? or do you just want to freshen up the paint color? Here are 6 signs you may need to repaint your exterior: 



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